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Group Fitness Classes

If you are looking to learn how to box and have circuit training incorporated into your fitness regime come and join us at boxing circuits. We accommodate for all abilities, and we are there to make the sessions fun and to build your confidence. The ladies that already attend are so friendly, we have an awesome group which is always growing, so please don't be scared to come along - give us a try!

Please see below for more details or
click on the Contact Me Button below.

Add me on facebook (Aimee Hall-Guy)
or instagram (You've Got This Fitness)
to view some of the classes. 

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Class dates:






Greywell shopping centre PO9 5AH.

£5.00 per session 
4 sessions £18.00
8 sessions £32.00

12 sessions £50.00
Instructors: Aimee & Faye

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